Gespro Pyme 2007




Administer information for your small business


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Gespro Pyme is a business management tool with tons of information that will make managing your clients and transactions a little easier.

The program is simple and attractive, and from the interface you can control all of the main functions, like data storage, which you can manage in great detail.

Gespro Pyme can adapt itself to any type of business, customizing the content that it saves from each transaction. It offers a wide variety of categories to classify the information that you enter, and will save you time when you need to find a specific entry.

The program will help you to work remotely, whether from a local network or the Internet, encrypting the data so that it can travel safely. Gespro Pyme is a great business management tool that should be at the top of your list if you're looking for such a product.

Can be acquired separately or together with the ContaPro utility in the Ofipro Pyme package.


Limited number of records.

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